Global Effort Needed To Combat Food Waste

A new study has suggested that a worldwide effort is needed to prevent food waste from getting out of control.

The research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is predicting that global food waste will increase to 2.1 billion tons by 2030. The organisation is calling for companies, governments and other groups to come together to reduce this figure.

Among the reasons for the spiralling food waste include consumer ignorance of the issue, supply chain inefficiency and inadequacy, poorly designed tax and regulatory policies and a lack of collaboration between organisations across the food value chain.

Co-author of the report and a BCG partner Esben Hegnsholt stated: “While it is a daunting problem, there are steps that can be taken today, actions that draw on currently available technology and know-how, to dramatically slash food loss and waste across the value chain.”

A recent article for Food & Drink Franchise suggested that the hospitality industry needs to take steps to combat food and packaging waste.

Among the suggestions are for more hospitality businesses to grow their own fruit and vegetables, or use locally-sourced produce on their menus, as well as to work with organisations that redistribute surplus food to those in need.

Of course, any organisation that redistributes food will need to ensure that the people they work with have completed the appropriate food hygiene training in the UK.

Ensuring that surplus food is safely stored, before being given out through a charity, is just one thing to consider, as well as transporting food from restaurants, hotels or pubs to a charity’s distribution centre.

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