Safer Food Better Business - Keeping Your 5* Food Hygiene Rating - Part 5

Part 5 – The High 5 Top Tips for Cooking Safely

“It is essential to cook food properly to kill any harmful bacteria…” SFBB

How do you know if food is cooked properly and thoroughly?

What do you remember of your food safety training? Do you check and record the temperatures of the food you’re cooking? I’m often told “it’s obvious isn’t it” and “how hard can it be?”. But if you used a temperature probe you may be in for a surprise! Especially if you’re barbecuing food. Burnt on the outside doesn’t mean it’s cooked on the inside!

The Serious Facts Bit

High-risk foods such as burgers, sausages, lasagne, casseroles and curries are foods where food poisoning bacteria grow very easily if not cooked properly. These foods need to be kept out of the ‘danger zone’. Can you remember what are the ‘danger zone’ temperatures? (Answer at the bottom of the page.)

Always check the cooking times on packaging, check food is steaming hot and the juices run clear. A temperature probe is always good as a ‘Prove it’ method. Okay, how hot should cooked food be and for how long should that temperature be maintained when using the temperature probe……off you go again to the bottom for the answer!

The High 5 Top Tips

  1. Pre-heat your ovens and grills before cooking.

  2. Make sure raw food doesn’t touch or drip onto cooked foods and use different utensils and crockery for raw food and cooked foods.

  3. If cooking cuts of meat rare such as lamb or beef, seal the outside of the meat in a hot pan and turn joints of meat and poultry during the cooking time.

  4. Liver and offal should always be cooked all the way through.

  5. Make sure your casseroles and curries are simmering and stir frequently.

  6. And remember, wash your hands between handling raw and cooked foods!

I hope these tips help you to ensure you are cooking food safely . If there is anything you don't understand and /or need help and guidance with please get in touch. Our industry is currently experiencing tough times and a five star rating could make all the difference to your business. Contact me.


1. Danger zone for high-risk and ready-to-eat foods is 5oc to 63oc

2. Good practise for cooking temperature is a minimum 75oc for 30 seconds.



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