How to complete your SFBB

In the first in this series, I will help you to complete your Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) to achieve a 5* food hygiene rating.

The SFBB is your food business’ documented Food Safety Management System based on the principles of HACCPs (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). It’s very important that you keep your records up to date and that the documents relate to your business, regardless of how the business changes. Whether it be new equipment, updated menus, new staff or expanding and changing your food business to meet with business opportunities records but be updated accordingly.

The Daily Dairy & Review Sheet

This sheet records the opening and closing checks over a

4-week period. The checks will have been listed in the “Management” section of the SFBB and the Manager is signing to confirm that they are actually taking place such as pests, works areas are clean and disinfected, probes are working and allergen information is accurate. You can also add any additional checks which are necessary and relevant to your business.

Your Responsibilities

The Manager or Designated Responsible Person should sign the diary each working day It shouldn't take any more than a minute to complete, unless you need to record more information. It’s really good practise especially when things go wrong, to make a note of what has happened. Examples are an oven breaking down, pests found in the kitchen, a customer complaint or a fridge wasn’t at the correct temperature.

The 4 Week Review

Every 4 weeks this sheet must be completed. It relates to what has happened during a 4 week period. If anything has happened 3 times or more, make a note of it here. You can then log what how you resolved the problem and how you ensure that the food you prepare and cook is safe to eat.

Always complete the review sheet every 4 weeks even if nothing went wrong and don’t forget to sign and date the sheet.

Keep a regular check on the Food Standards Agency Website for any updates. The latest version of the SFBB was updated in January 2020.

To download the latest copy, and ensure your food management system is current, head to:

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