Understanding the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS)

Understanding the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

The FHRS started in November 2010. It is essential for food business everywhere and helps your customers know the best places to eat out or shop for food by giving them clear information about your business’ hygiene standards.

It is a legal requirement to display the rating sticker in Wales and Northern Ireland, but currently only voluntary in England. But who wouldn’t want to display their 5* FHRS for all their customers to see…..and who would want to display their sticker if they score 3* or less? On the back of the sticker is listed, the date of the inspection, the authority and EHO undertaking the inspection can. The score and date of inspection can also be viewed on-line https://ratings.food.gov.uk

How is your rating calculated?

The Inspection

There are 3 key areas that an EHO will assess: -

  1. Food handling including preparing, cooking, storing and prevention of cross contamination.

  2. Structure and condition of the premises

  3. The management of keeping records and documentation to prove what you are doing.

You will be given a score for each area, and the overall rating will depend on how well you are doing across the three areas. You will automatically get a new rating at each inspection.

The EHO will not be looking at the quality of your food, the customer service, design or décor of your business.

The Hygiene Rating Scale

The ratings range from “5” hygiene standards are very good to “0”urgent improvement is required.

To achieve the top rating, you must do well in all 3 areas. Your EHO will tell you what you need to do to Improve your rating, and a date by which you must complete the actions.

Improving Your Food Hygiene Rating

  1. Check your last food hygiene inspection report and make sure your have completed all the actions.

  2. Make sure you and your staff comply fully will all aspects of food hygiene law

  3. Ensure your food safety management system are up to date and accurately completed.

For Food Business Operators of small to medium sized low risk establishments such as cafés, pubs, restaurants, child-minders, care-homes, food stalls markets and mobile caterers the Food Standards Agency has a pack “Safer Food Better Business” that can be downloaded from www.food.gov.uk that can be used to document your Food Safety Management system

Our online ACHIEVING FOOD HYGIENE 5* RATING course is approved by the #RoSPA & #CPD and will help you achieve and maintain this standard. The course is intuitive and takes around 50 mins to complete. Sign up today and receive 50% discount using discount code May50.

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