Safer Food Better Business - Keeping Your 5* Food Hygiene Rating - Part 7

Part 7 - The Diary Section

This is a very important part of the Safer Food Better Business pack. It has all the documents you need to use to record all the really crucial stuff.

The information you write down will assist you with “due diligence” helping you prove what you have done to keep your food business compliant and your customers safe. Your Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will need to see this proof so he/she knows what you have been doing. As any busy food business operator knows, it is often difficult to remember what happened yesterday, let alone a few months ago.

When your EHO visits, they may want to look at up to a year’s worth of your records. This is so they can form a picture of what has happened and what you did about it, a bit like a story book. Here’s a really useful tip; write down as much information as possible in each of the sections. When something does go wrong, as unfortunately it does, record in detail what happened in your Daily Diary and what you did about it.

All the templates for this section and the whole SFBB pack can be downloaded here: from

Make sure you choose the correct pack for your business. Contact me to find out how I can help you achieve your 5* Food Hygiene Rating


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