FSS Exploring How To Make Food Served Out Healthier

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has released its proposals on how to make food eaten outside of the home healthier.

The organisation has launched a consultation on its recommendations, which include making portion sizes smaller, increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables used in meals, and focusing on providing deals that favour healthy, rather than unhealthy, options.

Overall, the aim is to reduce the calories in meals across the eating out sector in the country, the organisation explained.

Some of the proposals put forward by the FSS have popular support too. 82 per cent of people would like to see a greater number of smaller and half portions of standard menu options, while 68 per cent support the introduction of calories on menus in restaurants and cafes.

Chair of FSS Ross Finnie commented: “There is a real opportunity for the public sector in Scotland to set the standard for healthy eating out of home, by implementing measures now such as clear calorie labelling, cutting down on calories and reducing portion sizes.”

The public consultation will be open until 29 February 2019, giving people up and down the country the opportunity to have their say on the plans.

According to Scottish government figures, 65 per cent of the country’s adult population (those aged 16 and over) were classed as overweight last year, with 29 per cent classed as obese.

The FSS proposals are just one measure that could be used to help tackle the obesity crisis and encourage people to make healthier choices.

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